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Recovery Coach・Author・Advocate

Celeste is a popular writer and personality whose words resonate with mothers everywhere, and she speaks with a candor and honesty that is unusual in this world of filters. As a certified recovery coach (IAPRC/She Recovers), Celeste works with women around the world who want to connect the dots between motherhood and self-fulfillment; exploring all that awaits when we seek a better way.

Celeste Yvonne Sober Coach

Recovery Coaching

Celeste is a certified life and recovery coach and supports women seeking a life they aren't constantly trying to hide from through substances, behaviors or self-sabotage. Through hope and healing, coaching helps women visualize, initiate, and achieve a life they don't need to numb or escape. 

It's Not About the Wine by Celeste Yvonne

The Book

Why are more moms than ever using alcohol to numb? Why are women feeling more under supported and overwhelmed? Learn the answers and how to break free in this highly anticipated book by award-winning writer and the creator of The Ultimate Mom Challenge. Celeste Yvonne. 

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